Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer flowers

The wet weather here in the UK has driven us all to distraction. But one thing that the weather has bought with it is the most beautiful summer flowers. Gorgeous, scented colour fills the garden, so what better excuse to take some pictures of them. My mum gave me the peonies from her garden, aren't they incredible, and the stocks and other pink flowers are a bit of a cheat from the local florist, but I thought they look so pretty together I couldn't resist photographing them.

I love to put flowers in unexpected things too - the spotty scandinavian coffee pot is from a charity shop - £2 - don't you love those little finds. And the jug with the peonies is one we use in the summer for juice - ha! But that soft mint colour goes perfectly with the pink of the peonies.

What are your favourite flowers? And how is your garden looking this summer?

New Style Blog

You may have noticed a few little changes lately, I'm back at BYW - hooray! Welcome to new readers joining from the course, it's so nice to have you visit. There is also a new tab appeared at the top of my page - here you'll find my new website for my business, where you can also find the link to my new style blog. 

As if there aren't enough hours in the day I've decided to put all my fashion, style and design ideas in one place which ties in with my business, hopefully all will become clear, but I still plan to be blogging on karma too. Karma is for all the other things that inspire and add colour to my life - style is my passion, but interiors, family, and all the other fun stuff that us girls enjoy are my loves. The hope is that the two will co-exist nicely, there may be cross-overs and things that work on both in which case you'll discover them on both blogs, but the hope is that they'll compliment each other.

So I'd love to invite you to visit me over at my new blog, click here and you'll be straight there!! x

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