Friday, 25 May 2012

Bathroom finished!

We bought our house almost 18 months ago now and did a massive renovation job before we moved in. Plaster was chipped from the walls and the house was taken back to brick by our builders before the process of renovating began in earnest.

The only room we didn't touch was the bathroom, so we could save the money to do what we wanted rather than make do. It was a really good lesson in waiting and it is made all the nicer by the wait now that it is finally finished.

Again we stripped the room back to the brickwork and started from scratch with new pipework.

You can see my inspiration on my pinboard, as it's such a small space we went for a simple scheme and white tiles with the thought that the colour of the walls can always be changed easily if we want to update it [I didn't have the nerve to go with a bright colour just yet!].

Simple and beautiful

Wishing you a very happy Friday wherever you are, and I hope the sun is shining with you as it is here in Sheffield. x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Stylish Thrifting: Recipes

I love indulgent, inspiring cookery books. My kitchen shelves are full to bursting with recipe books though, no room for more! So a brilliant, thrifty alternative is to scour my local library for these culinary tomes and then diligently write down the most delicious recipes in my little book.

It's quite a relaxing way to spend a short while, and even more fun to try them out. One of my favourite recent endeavours was meringues from Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. This is a gorgeous book that feels like a beautiful journal with meaningful recipes and reflections.

Bake by Rachel Allen, and Tana Ramsay Home Made were the other books from the library this week, both beautiful gifts for the right person too!

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