Monday, 23 August 2010

The Woodlands, Sandsend, North Yorkshire

On our recent holiday we spent 3 days in the pretty, windswept village of Sandsend in North Yorkshire.
Enough good restaurants to satisfy us for a few days, and an old-school English seaside charm, mean it's not as commercial as Whitby it's larger, better known neighbour just up the coast.

One of my favourite restaurants was The Woodlands. It looks like something out of a fairytale from the outside, but inside it's all bohemian details and gorgeous, white-washed boutique design. The food was satisfying portions of fresh fish and hearty meat, classic dishes with a twist - yum!

There's also a deli area which makes the entrance really inviting.



Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More salvage...

I posted earlier in the week about my favourite stained glass door that was £8 from a salvage yard. Another of my finds were the solid brass handles that were in a dusty box for £5 each pair. As with the rest of the house, none of the handles match but that adds to the character of our imperfect home!

For a list of UK antique salvage yards it's best to refer to your local phone directory as all the websites I've looked at don't seem very complete. To get good insider info speak to antique dealers and shops locally who will know backstreet dealers that might not be well publicised.

Salvo has pretty good nationwide coverage as a starting point.



Kitchen update...

As promised here are some more pictures of the house since we finished the major renovations 3 weeks ago.

In the kitchen we knocked through the adjoining wall to the dining room and fitted a side door with glass pane to bring more light into the room.

At this stage we're waiting to fit shelving down the side to add extra storage space, but as with the hallway the most dramatic difference has been in the way we've brought more light into the room, and opened up the space.



Sunday, 15 August 2010

Floral inspiration...

I posted a few weeks ago on things that make me smile, and one of them was wild flowers in the house.

I came across this beautiful book in our library and wanted to share some of the pictures which included peonies, antique roses in teacups, and camelias - my favourite.

Flowers at home by Mariella Ienna

What a difference a door makes...

Thought it was about time I posted some pictures of the house post-renovations.

The biggest difference for me has been the entrance and hallway where we've installed new doors and put down new flooring.

We're taking our time putting pictures up and doing the finishing touches but these pictures give a really good impression of the amount of light that is now coming in through the stained glass and what a huge difference white walls have made.

More 'after' pictures to follow!





I wanted to add a note about the doors which were all found from reclamation yards and antique centres. My favourite door, the one with the blue and red glass was £8 - yes, you read it right, £8 from a salvage yard. Can't beat that really!

Back from holidays...

Our summer holiday is over and travelling with a toddler is undeniably exhausting! Sleep routines go out of the window, and staying with family means eating habits too as chocolate seemed to become the default food-choice most days.

Hey-ho, it was lovely to spend time together as a family and I'm sure we'll be back in the old routines soon enough.

This picture summed up summer in England - Noah on the beach drinking hot chocolate... yes it really was that cold, but no, it didn't seem to bother him at all!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Finally in...

After 17 weeks, 4 builders, 2 plasterers, 1 electrician, 1 plumber, 1 tiler, 2 carpet fitters, 1 BT engineer [hooray!], and lots of swearing, we are finally moved in.

The boxes are unpacked, a few things broken and lots of things lost [how does that happen], but we are very happy to have all our own rubbish around us once again. How we ever accumulated so much stuff in 9 years is pretty puzzling, but it was a good opportunity to clear out the junk that we no longer use and consolidate the crap that we do.

One of the more irritating things to disappear into the black hole of who-knows-where is the cable for my camera, so pictures will have to wait for now, but as soon as it's retrieved I'll be sure to post.

In the meantime here are a few new additions that have made it into the house:

Rob Ryan ceramic tiles for the kitchen, definitely on the non-essential-items list but I love them.

Lusy Blom rug from Ikea for the dining room. Realising very quickly that cream carpet in the dining room + toddler just learning to feed himself do not a good combination make, but the £30 rug from Ikea should catch most of the fall-out and for the rest we have 1001 carpet cleaner!!

Udden kitchen units from Ikea. Clean, white, simple, all we need.

French enamel house number from
Willow and Stone. This is a great website too for any traditional or modern hardware you might be needing for the house.

Anthropologie porcelain plates for the wall; OK so according to my other-half this is definitely a girl-thing, and he doesn't get it at all, but I there up there, for now...

Most other new things in the house are rather restored or reclaimed. I've really enjoyed mixing the old and the new, the masculine of Matt's pieces with my girly buys, the cheap essentials with the frivolous extravagances, and the rustic looking with the slick-modern.

It makes the whole thing feel like home, and more importantly our home.

Happy days. x

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