Friday, 23 April 2010

Finding inspiration

As the plaster is being pulled off the walls of the Ugly House, we are in a low ebb with regards our enthusiasm and vision for what will eventually be our new home.

So to keep focussed on the long term hope for the house, I keep rifling through my many magazine clippings and clicking through web-pages of ideas and inspiration.

A great link I found was to a flicker page of Domino magazine clippings.

Domino was an American interiors magazine that has unfortunately folded, but a few keen fans have kept the vision of the magazine going with submissions of tear-sheets and images to the flicker group.

The magazine seemed to capture an easy elegance that I love. The homes featured always managed to mix styles and periods to create something individual, but they always had a light, airy feel that they seem to do so well in the States. This is something we'd love to achieve in our home.

Here is just a small selection of some of my favourite images, click on the link above to see more.

And the weather is hot...

In case you haven't heard, the American label J Crew is coming to the UK via Net-a-Porter, so just as a taster I wanted to share their behind-the-scenes clips from their Summer shoot for more pictures go to their website.

Gorgeous, white sandy beaches, and azure seas, the pictures remind me of lots of my Summer trips shooting for catalogues, and they really get me in the mood for the lovely warm weather we're just starting to feel. It's also a respite from the mess of the house!

They also give me a great idea for creating scrapbooks of trips from our holidays and days out.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

And the walls came tumbling down.

It's week 3 of the build, the wallpaper is off, the carpets are gone and the builders are in.

The outside of the house is getting a facelift and some of the internal walls are being knocked down, mainly the adjoining wall to the kitchen and dining room. The new front door has been put in and the entrance way has been opened up by knocking out the arch.

Progress is slow, and we have had a couple of frustrating set-backs as we've uncovered problems with the plasterwork, but I'm trying to stay positive flicking through magazines and trying to focus on the end picture - at the moment it's hard though.

Already the difference in the light in the house is great - the new back door has brought more light into the dark kitchen area.

I'm trying to source as much as I can on Ebay and at local auctions which is interesting but can be frustrating when the bids creep out of reach.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Ugly House

2 weeks ago we finally got the keys to our new house.

We're sure that at some time in it's history it was a nice looking Edwardian semi, but unfortunately over the years it's been extended and added to in a really unsympathetic style, leaving it looking, well, abit sorry for itself really.

So we're going to try to bring some of it's charm back.

Inside there are some interesting combinations of wallpaper from the 80s, and carpets from the 70s, and some handy work that looks suspiciously like a remnant of the 'Changing Rooms' era of the 90s. It's an eclectic mix that makes the rooms seem very dark.

We've been happy to discover that behind some of the dodgy DIY there are still elements of the original house to be uncovered like these lovely doors that we took the plyboard off and will be getting dipped.

With board:

Board removed!:

The hope is by restoring some of these features and adding our own second hand finds we can put some of the soul back into the building.

This is an original Edwardian door we found in an antique shop which will be going on the front of the porch - hoorah!

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