Friday, 28 December 2012

New Year Post

How was your christmas? I hope you had a lovely break with family and friends, and your tummy isn't too full from too many chocolates and christmas pudding, although isn't that the idea of Christmas?!

I'm taking a break from family festivities while I wait in for a plumber to fix a leak in our hallway - not the best present to return home to after a few days away for the holidays, but a small damp patch in the hall is minor compared to some people in the South of England who have suffered awful flooding over the last few weeks in this, the wettest year we've had on record. 

So I thought I'd take the time reflect on the year just gone and the one ahead, what does it mean for the Style Notebook, Karma and for me personally? Simple Style and Karma will certainly be continuing in 2013 - I'd love your input if you think there's anything I'm not covering or something you'd like to see more of please let me know. My days are spent entertaining a 4 year old so sometimes I need a little extra inspiration ; D x The blog has been part of a constant journey for me which started here at Karma and Cupcakes 4 years ago and continues through the readers and blogging friends who get in touch every week via Simple Style Notebook, hopefully this year I'll have time to be in contact with you all more as Noah will be starting school in September, a big step in our small family. 

I'm also starting a new chapter this year which will take me on a thrilling new path as I'm studying and training to become a yoga teacher, something that has always been a goal since I began practicing 15 years ago as a 21 year old starting out in London.

I read a quote today on Pinterest that struck a real chord at this particularly significant time of year and resonates with me.

Isn't that great? Of course I hope that whatever you're doing you're very content and happy, but if you're not, well what's stopping you? Of course this can apply to your wardrobe as much to your life, with the new year and new beginnings in mind take a moment to look through your clothes and check that they reflect who you are right at this moment and not the person you were 10 years ago. Make sure your clothes grow and change with you and your life, and I hope that 2013 is full of startling discoveries and wonderful surprises.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Instagram in Colour

I've rediscovered  my love of Instagram recently. I've found myself snapping away and sharing my pictures on Twitter and Facebook - so how inspiring is Nichole Robertson's book Paris in Color, based on her hugely successful blog, Little Brown Pen

Inspired by Nichole's book I've pulled together some of my Instagram pictures into colour collages.

Are  you on Instagram? Who do you like to follow?

Study in Red

Study inWhite

Study inYellow

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Laura Amiss on Etsy

I hope you're looking forward to Christmas like we are. Noah is 4 now so definitely at the age where he understands very well about what is to come. Snow would be a bonus for him, but I think the anticipation of his list for Father Christmas is enough to get him in the spirit!

We are at a more awkward age when it comes to presents, am I right? So here is a really lovely simple idea for a great gift. My new favourite Etsy artist is Laura Amiss based in The Netherlands, I was lucky to receive her Paris print for my birthday [shown below] and have in mind to collect a few to dot around our house of the places we've visited over the years.

So pretty and easy to frame at home with a simple Ikea frame.

Scarlet and Violet London

Fresh flowers in our home feel like such a luxury. I'm drawn to beautiful, rustic posies that look like they've been pulled from the garden that morning - bright, vivid colours or muted, watery pastels I don't mind as long as they look natural.

A recent discovery in our local library confirmed my love of pretty, wild arrangements and lead me to make a discovery on a trip to London.

Vic Brotherson's book Vintage Flowers is a joy - the art direction, interiors styling and floral arrangements are all beautifully designed and give a real flavour of Brotherson's approach to floral styling. Vintage vases, botanical pictures, antique vessels are thoughtfully curated to give lots of inspiration for amateurs like me [although if I sneak anymore jam jars and old jugs into our house I'm sure my husband will have words!].

I was in London recently for a brief Christmas shopping trip so decided on a whim to go to Vic's shop, Scarlet and Violet in Kensal Rise. It felt a little bit like a pilgrimage out of town but was well worth the journey as the shop was over flowing with all the props and flowers that stuff the pages of the book.

They very kindly let me take some pictures so I thought I would share them here with you. If you're in London, the shop is well worth a visit or for a special occasion you could always order some flowers, and for those out of town or elsewhere around the world you could always ask for the book as an early christmas present.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Weekend Project: Children's Headboard

I'm in a restless mood at the moment. My other half keeps coming home to books rearranged, furniture moved and knick knacks changed around. I'm not sure what this is a sign of, but it feels a little unsettling [for both of us I'm sure], one positive however is that I'm finally getting round to all those small jobs that have been in the back of my mind for months. I've had in mind to make a couple of headboards for some time inspired by this brilliant post on Young House Love

For our spare room I have in mind a sumptuous velvet board with thick wadding to laze against.For Noah's room I thought I would try it out first with a simple design in bright stripes, perfect for his room.

The board was cut to measure in Homebase and cost approximately £9, the wadding was from Dunhelm and cost £2, the fabric was a roll end from Ikea so cost just £5 and the velcro tape for secure the ends was £1.50. I used sticky back velcro and safety pins to fasten the fabric to the board so it can easily be removed and washed, the Young House version is a lot more durable I think.

Total cost was £17.50, and there was enough fabric left over to make a cushion cover too. I only made it quite low for Noah but for the guest room plan to make it much deeper.

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